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Our firm is a service business. We have an obligation to provide services to the owners of the property we manage, the residents and tenants which occupy the properties we manage, the vendors who supply good and services to the properties we manage, and last but not least to the employees of the firm. As such, our philosophy is clear – to offer the best possible services to our clients at all times and to keep the role of the firm in perspective.

We provide a full service property management service to our clients. Below gives a basic outline of our features and what we have to offer you, the homeowner. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to cal Allen at (650) 533-7593

As a property owner with a home under our management, we provide the following services:


One of our most popular benefits is our online Owner Portal and Tenant Portal. Owners and tenants have personal online accounts where they have convenient access to detailed property information through their own private and secure Online Portal.
Online Owner Portal:
• View detailed income and expense information for each of your properties
• See copies of all receipts and invoices
• Run multiple customizable financial reports on demand
• View a history of owner draws and contributions
• Download your management agreement, leases and other important documents
• There is much more that our extensive software can be customizable to fit your needs!
Online Tenant Portal:
• Pay rent online, safely and securely
• Submit maintenance requests online and track their progress
• View account balances, charges, and payment history
• Download lease agreements and other important documents
• Access an online directory of important phone numbers
• And much more


Digital Documentation. We utilize digital photography to document the condition of every unit before and after each tenant move –in and move-out to provide a chain of evidence in case of any disputed damages or charges. Our digital documentation methods have proven to be an excellent tool to insure your property and interests are well protected.
Leasing. Our leases are reviewed and updated by the use of WinForms, pulled directly from The California Department of Realtors to ensure legal compliance. We build on our basic “Rules & Regulations” and supplement it with any additional needs that a specific house or homeowner may require. Our Residential Lease and Rules and Regulations are set up to guarantee maximum protection for the property and to ensure all tenants understand their responsibilities.
Rent. We thoroughly enforce rent collection and act quickly if a tenant fails to pay rent on time. All necessary steps are taken to ensure legal compliance and to expedite the next level of action. If an unlawful detainer action is necessary, we will act on your behalf. A & M Property Services has over 30 years’ experience in these proceedings.



We take great care and pride in the properties we manage and offer high quality, low cost maintenance.
• We provide prompt and responsive (usually within 24 hours) maintenance services to maintaining strong tenant relationships and keep our properties in top condition to protect your asset.
• Monthly drive-by inspections are conducted. We visually inspect the property, note wear and tear, tenant compliance, and any items that may need maintenance or repair, and look for lease violations.
• We have ongoing relationships with contractors, specialty repair companies and handymen to provide high quality, low cost work.
• All our contractors are licensed and insured.
• We constantly review service and pricing to ensure quality work at a fair price however the homeowner has the final say on bid, vendors and services.


We provide full general ledger accounting to accurately track all property income and expenses.

Monthly Owner Statement. The monthly Owner Statement shows a summary accounting of income & expenses, owner draws/contributions, and the amount owed to/(from) the Owner. If at any time an owner would like to view any information on their account whether it be rent received, vendors paid or their account balance, The online Owner’s Website gives them 24/7 access to detailed financials, copies of all receipts, and the ability to run customizable reports. A year-end statement is also provided for tax purposes.

Owner Payments. Owner disbursements are electronically deposited directly in to the checking or saving account of your choice.
Bill Pay. We offer bill payment services. We can pay property tax, utilities, HOA, or any other property associated bills (except insurance) directly from the rent roll. All bills are timely paid and copies are included in the Monthly Management Report.



A & M Property Services offers a full-service professional property management for the flat rate of 6% of gross rent. We can offer this lower rate because we offer on-line services for reporting and bill paying without compromising on the property management services. In fact, in frees up more time to give specialized service to our homeowners and tenants. The savings comes from homeowners logging into their own accounts to view and print the reports that they actually want to see and need. Your savings also saves A & M Property Services time, postage, paper and extra office personnel. By also paying homeowner bills online, we save on the same expenses as mentioned above. Our Management Team, with a combined experienced of 50 years, will provide you and your assets the quality management of your asset that you deserve.



A & M Property Services offers separately from Property Management, tenant procurement for “finding a tenant for your home” We do all the leg work for our homeowners from marketing your home to tenant screening (once we have found the perfect potential tenant) to handing over the keys after receiving the first month’s rent and everything in between (advertising of the home, home walkthroughs and necessary lists to homeowners of items that need attention, all phone inquiries, all showings of the home to prospects, paper printouts of applications, reviewing applications, processing applications, collecting deposits, preparing the lease , arranging move ins, coordinating signing of the lease, doing the move in walk through, collecting 1st month rent and handing over the keys and garage door openers.

We realize every day a unit is vacant the property owner loses money. That’s why we make it a top priority to quickly fill all vacancies with qualified tenants. We provide intensive marketing for all vacancies including:
• Extensive online advertising
• Signs and banners posted on and nearby the property
• Listings on Bay Area MLS and our Company Website
• Broker referrals
• Print advertising when appropriate

Our professional online flyers are syndicated to dozens of web sites including:

Tenant Screening. All prospective tenants are thoroughly screened with comprehensive background investigations including:
• Credit check
• Employment verification
• Prior landlord verification
• Eviction check
• Criminal check
• Address history


Our fee for this service is the industry standard of 50% of the first month’s rent. We at A & M wanted to offer something more to our property management clients however and offer complimentary lease renewals when the tenant’s lease expires. A & M will do all the current market rental comps and make sure you; the homeowner is informed of the current rental market rates, we will notify the tenants for the homeowner 60 days prior to their lease expiration and negotiation a new lease on behalf of the homeowner at no extra cost! Our property management customers are important to us!